New Mystery Gift!


A special guest tells you how to activate the new mystery gift in Pokemon ORAS!

Click the play button below to learn what John Solomon, 18th Century Candlemaker has to say about the new Serperior mystery gift and how to get it!



















In the end we had to sedate him, so unfortunately John won’t be able to tell you anything.

But! We can!

Go to Mystery Gift in your ORAS menu, go to the “Get with code” option, and type in Pokemon497. If you’re connected to the internet, you should have your new Serperior with the Contrary Ability (all moves that would reduce its stats increase them instead, and vice versa)!

Now all you have to do is teach it Leaf Storm, max out its Special Attack and Speed in Super Training, spam Leaf Storms in battles and watch all your friends cry like the bitches they are when every one of their Pokemon’s skin is ripped from their marrow and mangled by your mighty snake daemon.

<3 Azazel

PS. Confused about what’s going on? See this article for more info on John: Omega Ruby//Alpha Saphire Demo Review