NETV Podcast: Shining Diamond Star Wars Part 1

trailer_talkThe big time Star Wars Trailer dropped a few weeks ago and it’s still taking the world by storm. Breaking every known record in cinema history and crashing major movie ticket websites all over the interwebs. Star Wars is a special kind of movie that brings multiple generations together into a group classification that’s over 9000! All of this is impacting us more than getting punched in the jugular vein by a bear with boxing gloves, it’s more than any orgasm can ever bring you. This type of excitement can make males, females, Jedi, Sith, Droid, or any otherworldly immigrants get a giant Diamond Hard On. How far can we lift up the tables? Well you better listen to find out!

Oh and we did forget to mention we had a very good friend of Josh’s on this episode. All of us at NETV want to thank him for taking the time to be on this episode!