Kingdom Hearts 3 to potentially feature Marvel and Star Wars

author image by Geoff | News | 0 Comments | 03 Dec 2014

Kingdom Hearts 3In an interview the other day, Kingdom Hearts creators stated that there is nothing Disney that they wouldn’t do in regards to Kingdom Hearts 3, including Marvel and Star Wars!

Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer was released earlier this year, and the fan exploded with excitement and theories regarding the 10th installment of the popular franchise. One of the potential fan theories was the inclusion of Star Wars with Disney’s purchase of Lucas Arts. And while this is far from confirmation that the legendary Sci Fi story will be included, this is a step in the right direction for seeing Keyblade vs. Lightsaber battles.

As for Marvel, less stories seem to be circulating about their part in Kingdom Hearts, exploring Manhattan, or battling heartless alongside Ironman would, needlessly said, be amazing.